Thursday, 1 October 2015

Run with Me

Yesterday I wrote “I’m on a fail-a-thon. It’s a bit like a marathon except that instead of being a fit, fast winner, I’m a fat, slow loser”.

The truth is that I’m a marathon-running winner, and I want to run as if to win the prize (in life and running!), but sometimes I stumble and fall. Hey, I’m a winner, but I never said I was perfect, right?

That’s why I’m quitting alcohol for October, and I’m asking you to help me achieve that goal whilst raising the funds to complete a Leadership in Running Fitness Course, followed by the next step, a Coach in running Fitness Course. The courses are run by England Athletics, and you can find more at

Why a Run leader course?
I know that running is very good for mental health, and inspired by the feedback of friends, I want to explore the possibility of leading small running groups to help those who may be struggling to manage their own mental health, particularly depression and suicidal thoughts. ‘Up and running Sevenoaks’ runs courses that are similar to what I have in mind ( if you’re interested).  Run England trains local leaders to inspire and lead small groups of runners to train safely, to overcome barriers, and to create inspirational sessions available to all. I believe I may have something to offer in the area of running to support mental health and am pushing some doors to see where this may lead.  

Why Sober for October?
I could ask you to sponsor me to run a marathon, but frankly, I’ve done a few of those and it really wouldn’t be fair to ask you to put your hand in your pocket for me to do something that really is not much of challenge. However – I’ve only ever managed 2 weeks alcohol free in my adult life. Trust me, stopping alcohol for a month will be my biggest life challenge to date! I want to be free of it, for health and wealth reasons, but also because it’s not a smart way to deal with the stresses and strains of life. I’m asking you to sponsor me because your support will help me. I’m motivated by success, so every pound raised will egg me on to complete this challenge.

What’s the target?
The initial leadership course costs £155, and the Coach course is a further £410, making the total target £565. As I’ve said, any support you can give will inspire me and encourage me towards my Sober for October target and I say in advance how grateful I am for any and all support given.

And finally
… it almost goes without saying, if you pray, if that’s something you do, please pray for me.

Let’s RUN! Do support, please go to

Support via YouCaring

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