Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Day 101 - Facing your fears

Today is day 101 for me, no alcohol for 101 days. 

Along with 1066 (the battle of Hastings) and 42, (the meaning of life), 101 is a famous number. Actually, infamous of course, for being the Orwellian room where the prisoner is subject to his or her own worst fears. Strange then that lately and especially today I should be facing some of my own greatest fears.

I got a message this evening from one of the people that came to the running group tonight. “I feel amazing too. I’ve always wanted to lose weight and enjoy life more. Now I can see I could have the support to make it happen”. Thanks M!

In the bible it says that there is no fear in love because fear has to do with punishment. My paraphrase? God is not going to beat you up if you make a mistake, and therefore you don’t need to be afraid of anyone else either. Conclusion? Get out there and live life in all its fullness, try stuff, if you make a mistake it’s ok, there’s someone to love you and catch your fall.

I’ve been listening lately again and again (I mean, like, 20 times a day) to some worship music someone gave me a few months ago. I always skip one track, every single time (nope, don’t know why, just never fancied it). Odd that today I chose to listen to it for the first time, and the words are so relevant to 101.

It’s you and me
Sometimes it’s painful to be brave
To look fear in the face
And know your name
To find your strength

Day 102, rock on. Want some support to get fit, lose weight, feel better about yourself, whatever your goal, we’d love to see you J Come and run with us!

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