Sunday, 10 January 2016

Parting of the waves

Demonstrating stretching to the 2nd of 3 groups.
Favourite line from a song that I’ve been loving for a few months. “You split the sea so I can walk right through it.” (click here for the full track)

It seems this might be literal as well as metaphorical.

This week I’ve had the very great honour of joining 3 lots of beginners as they start their first steps into running fitness and despite a week of record-breaking relentless rain on a biblical scale, each time I leave the house to run, it stops. Seriously – not a single drop of rain during any run this week! So maybe it’s literally true, He splits the sea so I can run right through it :-)

Metaphorically too, it seems like seas are parting as opportunities are opening up for me to take people out running.

Pestalozzi Students
This morning for example, I had the joy of running with a 15 strong group of International students from all over the world. Can there be any better way to start your Sunday than running through the beautiful undulating countryside of East Sussex with a group of gifted and talented, highly motivated young people from Bhutan, India, Belize and Spain etc.? I got the chance to ask some of them about their stories, backgrounds, and hopes for the future.

They all come from, in their own words, ‘economically challenged’ backgrounds but show academic potential. Each student was selected by their school to be put through a rigorous selection process, and having been successful they were invited to come to study at Pestalozzi International Village near Hastings. The Pestalozzi charity pays all their travel, living expenses and education, and supports them in making applications to University in the US (where scholarships are easier to come by). They all miss their families back home (a quick thank you Skype and facebook) but are looking forward to exciting futures. What an amazing charity, and what an impressive, articulate and motivated bunch of students they are.

How motivated? At 7.50 this morning it was still dark and chucking it down with rain, yet as I sat in the car waiting, one by one they all showed up to run. High five to you people, huge well done for turning up, and you did so well running up those dirty great hills :-). Anyone who lives in Hastings, look out for them on the Hastings Half Marathon and be sure to give them a HUGE cheer.

Be inspired
If you’re in any doubt as to whether you could or should have a go at running, let these young people inspire you (or maybe shame you) into giving it a go.

Meet us at 7.30pm on Tuesdays at the Hastings Half Marathon/Park Run start. No experience necessary, but wear comfortable trainers. Come and run with us :-) I'm pretty sure it won't rain. 

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