Sunday, 21 February 2016

A fabulous leg day

This is not me :-)
Today is a fabulous leg day. I woke up, stretched (as you do), and blimey, fabulous legs!

I’m 44 now but it wasn’t until my mid-thirties that I felt comfortable enough with myself to wear shorts. It’s a body image thing you see. The funny thing is about negative body image is that it has precious little to do with reality, and it actually has very little to do with being fat or thin or tall or whatever else. It’s a mind thing.

The Challenge - Let’s take it up a notch. 

Are you wearing matching lingerie at the moment? Men – I hope not. Ladies – why not?

When I was set this challenge last summer my first response was ‘what are you talking about, why would you bother, what does it matter anyway?’. But I love a challenge so I went with it.

Turns out it took me several weeks to even say the word L I N G E R I E. I did a straw poll at work and the responses from the (female) staff went downhill from ‘why should I, men don’t bother wearing matching socks’. So it’s not just me then.

I toyed with the idea of buying matching L I N G E R I E. Honestly, I tried. I looked on the internet and freaked out. I took a few weeks off then tried again. I asked around friends (male and female). It seems that all too often women matter more to men than women matter to themselves. I'm no feminist but that’s not good! I finally went into an actual shop, but was in and out in seconds. Without buying any L I N G E R I E.

After 4 months of trying and failing, after a long swim and resulting endorphin hit, in a mad and impetuous moment, I walked next door into M&S. I begged that poor lady, please help me, I’m 44 and I’ve never owned matching L I N G E R I E, get me everything in this shop that is white, matches and fits...


What’s that got to do with running? Well not much directly I don’t suppose. Except to say that this morning a lovely lady ran up to me in delight. After 2 weeks of starting to walk/run with our Tuesday group, she’d lost 5lbs and was celebrating wearing a shirt she’s not been able to button up for some time. More importantly, she was glowing. From the inside.

Matching lingerie. Are you up for the challenge?

Today is a fabulous leg day, today I will mostly be wearing white J.

Come and run with me, it might just change your life.


  1. That's so bizarre Jax, only last week I had almost exactly the same 'fabulous legs' epiphany!

  2. I assume you wear matching all the time ;-)