Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Amazing grace

“When the dawn breaks, and the clouds clear, in an open space, together we will run.”

Earlier I wrote a dry blog post about how running beats walking for making you feel better. Which it does, I’m not taking it back.

But I went out tonight and listened to a man talk about his art class. He talked about a painting that his tutor was showing them, and that as the artist applied the paint, it just looked like a dirty smudge of blues and greens and browns, no distinction, no beauty, no definition, no way to tell what the picture was or what story it told. But watch and see the artist at work, watch as magically leaves and trees and blossoms emerge. Don’t be put off by what you see at first, don’t give up on the dirty smudge, wait and see what emerges, see what beauty the artist brings forth.

The lesson from the artist was patience and hope. As I repeat this analogy to you, I understand that it’s childishly simple in its application.

But as I heard it, it hit me like a tonne of bricks, how grateful I am that out of this muddy mess of a life, I know that beauty is emerging and it brought tears of love and gratitude to my eyes. I know that my Hope is in God the artist and I know that patience is all it takes to see what He will do.

This is what it means to me to get people up and running, this is my reason for being. It means that no matter who you are or what your starting point is, no matter what the state of your life, your heart or your head, I can see beyond the muddy mess there may be because my Hope is in the artist. Oh, and because I’m a muddy mess who’s just emerging too.

There you go, that’s the heart blog I wanted to write earlier but couldn’t.

Lots of love,


Ps – come and run with me, it might just change your life x


  1. Do you remember your pink "diamond" Jax? That come out looking like a dirty stone. Its great to see the LMaster craftsman" at work on this uncut, raw stone. Polishing you up and the "diamond cutter" giving you definition, bringing out such beauty and sparkle. Love ya Clare

    1. I never forget my pink diamond x Amazing grace.