Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Limitless Transformation

Let me introduce you to some awesome people – 15 came out in the nasty weather last night, and I’m so proud and grateful to all of you for letting yourselves be my running guinea pigs. 

Why run? This lot will tell you that it’s more energy, walking taller, more confidence, less weight, feeling fitter and stronger in mind and body. And sometimes even fun :-) Most of them had never run before a month ago, but have already exceeded their own expectations of themselves. If you want to try us out, its free, please come and join us, drop me a facebook msg for details. You will be so welcome.

Testing the limits
You may know (because I’ve hardly stopped talking about it) that I ran my own lifetime longest run last week. I wrote a blog post about pushing the boundaries, but to be honest, running 36 miles in 3 snowstorms didn’t even touch me, didn’t even come close to testing my limits, either physically or mentally.

I had imagined that pushing my boundaries would involve putting one foot in front of the other until I broke or died. (wonky thinking, don’t try this at home). I had imagined that the only way I would know when I’d reached my limit was at the point of collapse.

Over the last few days my limits have been tested.


I reached my limit.

The good news is that today, during one of the most significant conversations of my life, I realised in one seminal moment that testing your limits is not about brokenness, but about transformation. Oh how I want to be tested, I have LONGED to be truly tested, to go through the fire and have something of worth remain. A life less ordinary. What’s left after the fire is what I’m after, that’s the treasure, that’s what I’m living and running for.

Immeasurably more
From this position, from this perspective, the boundaries are, well, unbounded, the heights and depths are measureless, the horizon is endless, and the transformation is limitless. So, come hell or high water, I am steadfast, I’m on a mission, and I will not be collapsing any time soon.

Come and run with us, (not 36 miles!), it might just save your life. 

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  1. I love the fire picture...and are truly precious and brilliant at making others feel capable...❤️