Saturday, 9 April 2016

Life (not) under the radar

Hands up if you like being the centre of attention?

I’m the opposite. Given the choice, I’d hide in a cave, light a fire, and stay there until…, maybe I’d never come out.

Life under the radar - “when someone is in a situation where very little or no attention is drawn to them”.
No risk, No judgment, No questions, No confusion, No failure, No danger
No achievement, No sense of satisfaction, No reward for challenge, No impact in the world, No success, No excitement

I’d love to stay in my cave, below the radar.

However, I reluctantly have to concede that this is not the life we're called to, We're not called by God to live in a cave. I don’t mean (m)any of us are called to be the centre of attention, we’re not all meant for TV or the stage. But we’re told very clearly NOT to hide our ‘lights’ either.

The opposite of staying under the radar is responding to God as he puts us high on a hill and cheers at the very top of His lungs, “Shine!!!!”. In fact, next time I’m a marshal or a supporter at a race, that’s what I’m going to yell at all those passing runners: *** SHINE!!!!***

But when you put yourself out there, it can feel like putting yourself somehow under the spotlight or scrutiny, you risk exposure, public failure, and that can be scary. How can we deal with those nerves, that lack of confidence, that sick feeling that wants to run back to the cave. Most of us feel it in some situations, right?

I had a conversation last night with a very talented runner (aka faster than me J) who is running the London Marathon in a couple of weeks. She’s terrified. She’s terrified of falling over. She’s frightened of running out of fuel (that’s food to all you non-running readers), and she’s scared witless of the point at which she’s fallen before.

The strategy
Her strategy for overcoming these fears is brilliant, simple, and I believe, God-inspired. She’s running with a friend. She’s asked the friend to pass her fuel, keep her from falling, and encourage her when the going gets tough. She will shine, I have absolutely no doubt.
Although many of us like to think we can do ‘this thing’ alone, actually, let’s get surrounded by people who can cheer us on, keep us from falling, and encourage us to run through and beyond past failure. In fact, let’s make every effort to be those things for other people too.

God says “I’m putting you on a light-stand – shine! Keep open-house; be generous with your lives”.

So let's shine, ask for help, and be help to other people. Sounds like a plan :-)

Come and run with me, it might just change your life. 

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