Sunday, 18 September 2016

Nothing too dirty

Walk2Run has been so much fun so far, there are now well over 100 Walk2Runners, and on Tuesday night we had a record 30 getting out there and enjoying walking and running together. 70% of them are completely new to running, and over 20 of us experience mental health issues. The age range is 10 to 76. 

That’s the quantity.

Now a quote from a facebook post: “....I can honestly say belonging to this group has helped me get fitter, healthier and happier.”

That’s the quality.

We ran out into the fields and footpaths around Sidley yesterday, and as usually happens, we got chatting. I was explaining that I've recently turned down funding for this group so I am currently delivering ‘for love’, free of charge, but I feel it’s important to explain why. Getting funding is amazing, and for Walk2Run it’s been encouraging and enabling. However, funding often (though not always) comes with conditions that can water down, limit, or compromise. Walk2Run needs to be available for everyone in an equal way, we love to see whole families come and participate, all ages, social backgrounds etc etc.

Getting personal
There is however, a personal side. Am I worth money? I swing between ‘of course’ and ‘no way’. In my conversation yesterday, I revealed that not being paid means I can lead and enjoy the groups without feeling the need to perform. She (my running friend) said that I don’t need to perform, in Walk2Run, or in life actually. This morning I remembered that when I used to teach, I would pray before every session, ‘Help me Lord to serve these students well’. This servant prayer removed any pressure to perform, turning the focus away from me and back to where it should be, on the students. I also found it removed any nerves or lack of confidence.

The other thing I revealed was that I often didn’t feel I was worth paying. I heard a song last night, sung live actually. A line stays with me – “There's nothing too dirty that You can't make worthy.”

I love running. Yesterday morning, a motely group of Walk2Runners walking and running together through the fields with our arms open wide enjoying such a sense of freedom and wellbeing.

Come and run with us, it might just change your life.

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