Tuesday, 28 November 2017


I’m in bed sniffing and spluttering today. Actually I’m grateful because it’s given me time to sit in the silence and think a bit.

I’ve been feeling a bit cross-roadsy lately you see. There are lots of opportunities in the pipeline, lots of things to do, huge potential, all of which will mean wonderfully exciting hard work and adventure. It thrills me to the core.

It’s just that I frequently doubt, and I wonder if I’m really up to the task.

I found myself accidently watching a clip from Chariots of Fire and then looked up a few quotes from Eric Liddell. Here’s one of his most famous.

"God made me fast. And when I run, I feel His pleasure."

I’m not so fast but I do believe that I (and you!) have been given a purpose. And when I run, or when I take people running, I definitely feel His pleasure.

But here’s the quote that really caught my attention.

“If, in the quiet of your heart, you feel something should be done, stop and consider whether it is in line with the character and teaching of Jesus. If so, obey that impulse to do it, and in doing so you will find it was God guiding you.” 

Am I up to the Walk2Run task? Am I up to seeing the Walk2Run Vision become a reality, the vision to see every life lived in all it’s fullness and not one be lost to suicide? Will I trust God and honour Him like Eric Liddell did?

Here’s one more quote for the (cross) road….

“No man who really is a man ever cared for the easy task. There is no enjoyment in the game that is easily won. It is that in which you have to strain every muscle and sinew to achieve victory that provides real joy.”

This one brought tears to my eyes, and I’m back to feeling thrilled to the core. So. I’m still at the crossroads, but I’m standing up, fixing my eyes on the road ahead, toeing the line, and getting ready to run my freaking socks off  - to achieve the victory that provides real joy.

Click here for the film clip

Come and run with us, it might just change your life. 

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