Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Walk2Run by prescription

If only we could bottle it...
In our house we talk about getting a bout of depression in the same way we talk about having a cold. 

Through no fault of your own, you catch a cold so you hide under a duvet with a Netflix box set of something recommended by facebook friends, you eat crap all day but nothing tastes of anything, and your body feels alternately hotter or colder than usual. It feels like you’ve always felt this bad and that it will never change. 

But suddenly, it passes and you’re back in the game.

So it is with depression
Mine at least. Through no fault of my own it came on Friday afternoon, at about 2.20pm. Since then my eyes have been heavy, all I want to do is sleep, despite being in bed hour after hour, and I’m ‘wasting’ time eating digestive biscuits, watching Outlander on Prime (no intelligence required).

The best advice I ever received was ‘don’t try to out-think depression’, and ‘nurture yourself until it passes.’ Just like a cold, it will pass.

Things I can do to help myself
As with any other illness, some things are out of my control, but there are other things I can do to help myself. Drinking lots of water is one, taking myself to bed when I don’t have other commitments is another, and then of course (you knew it was coming), there is Walk2Running.

Walk2Run works. 
There is overwhelming evidence that proves that all of these things we do at Walk2Run
  • exercise
  • outdoors
  • in a supportive group
  • 3 times a week 
help relieve the symptoms of depression. In fact it’s found to be more effective than medication for mild to moderate depression.

But how do you  get started when you feel so sh**? 
The key is usually getting out there with someone you know, either a friend or relative. Or you could simply email me at Jacky@walk2run.org or ‘meet’ me on facebook. This takes away loads of the anxiety, once you find a friendly face.

I wish you could bottle it
After a Walk2Run session last week, one lady who suffers with depression and anxiety said “I wish you could bottle it…” She didn't used to be a runner but enjoyed walking. You don’t have to be a runner either, we all start by walking before we can run.

Sitting here in my sick bed writing this, I wish I could bottle that euphoric feeling too. I for one believe that it should be available on prescription. So tonight I’ll be shoe-horning myself out of bed and getting myself out to Walk2Run where I know I will be welcomed by friendly faces and a workout which will relieve my symptoms.

See you there or drop me a line to get involved, we'd love to support you. 

Thank God for running and for Walk2Run!

Come and run with us, it might just change your life. 

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