Thursday, 6 February 2020

Introducing new coaches, Sam and Liz

“Every person we run with has treasure and riches within them, often buried deep under hurt and pain of abuse, abandonment, and rejection. Our purpose is to run shoulder to shoulder together, and in running to help shake the dirt off each other’s lives and pull out the treasure.”

This is what RunningSpace is all about, and today again, as with every Walk2Run session, I saw our amazing Walk2Runners deliver on that vision.

Meet Sam and Liz: Liz was Coach today and Sam was her helper. I wish you could meet them. Actually, I wish you could have met them 5 years ago so that you could really appreciate the ‘before’ and ‘after’. Not the usual selfie-of-fat-me-in-rubbish-underwear ‘before’, but the bigger picture, the inside story, the head and the heart of it. You will simply have to take their word and mine that back then, life felt unhappy, lonely, hung on to by only a thread.

I won’t lie, I didn’t want to Walk2Run today. What’s more, I didn’t HAVE to run because others were coaching, plus I’m still carrying a couple of injuries.

But as someone once told me, you never regret a run…

Being coached by Liz and Sam today lifted my spirits no end. At one point, Sam was taking the warm-up dynamic drills bit and Liz leant over to whisper in his ear what to say next. And what REALLLLY blessed me is that everyone followed Sam’s lead. He spoke with confidence and authority. Then, on his own, he lead the loop-back walk2run. And what a standard he set!, running like he had rockets on his feet, and yet always looping back so that no one was left behind and no one was left out.

Liz lead the meet & retreat hill session. Yup, I created a monster. Just when you think it’s safe to stop and catch your breath, she’s on to you to work harder, be stronger, dig deeper. I even faked an untied shoelace at one point. Another walk2runner who had been feeling low before the run said ‘I would never have done that on my own’.

Neither would I. And we both … actually I think we all … felt so much better for it.

The treasure we’re digging (walk2running?) for is sometimes hidden deep under hurt - but how wonderful when we shake the mud and dirt off each other’s lives and find that precious treasure.

Thanks Liz and Sam for today’s session, you smashed it.

Come and run with us, it might just change your life…

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  1. What a great piece Jacky and wow I missed a really good session with Liz and Sam. Well done all and I can vouch for Jacky and others she and others always look for the gold and treasure in people and we work together on the hard stuff together. Brilliant group and brilliant coaches as well.
    Thanks Jacky and all Walk2Runners.